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Wally West, the 3rd Flash, made his comic debut as Kid Flash in The Flash #110. He’s the nephew to the 2nd Flash’s (Barry Allen) wife. One day while visiting Barry at the CCPD, Wally accidentally repeats the same accident that gave Barry his powers, He soon dons a costume and fights crime along side his uncle.

Eventually Wally would join the newly formed Teen Titans and become close friends with Dick Grayson. Then, when Barry Allen is killed during Crisis On Infinite Earths, Wally takes up the mantle and becomes The Flash. Although in the beginning, Wally was nowhere near as fast or strong as Allen was, but eventually he became even faster and developed new powers in the process. 

Much like John Stewart, Wally West’s popularity skyrocketed during the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited tv series and has remained one of DC’s most popular characters ever since. Despite DC pretending he doesn’t exist in the New 52, another reason to hate the re-launch. 

It”s too bad because, sorry Barry Allen fans, Wally is my favorite Flash, He has the compassion, humor and the heart of a true hero, sort of like DC’s version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, but without all the angst.

Wally West can move faster than the speed of light, vibrate through objects, give or steal speed from others, use his speed to upgrade his attacks and quickly heal others. Of course, like all Flashes and speedsters, he is connected to the Speed Force.