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JthenR’s Comic Reviews


Gaurdians Of The Galaxy #1 
Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Steve McNiven
imageTHE GOOD:

  • The writing is by Bendis so of course it’s funny, got some action and sets things up for issues to come.
  • I like the core members of the new GOTG. They’re all my favorite members. Minus Cosmo.
  • McNiven’s art is great, as always, and he knows how to do big space battles, with explosions and gun blasts. Yet he also gets character details and facial expressions right.
  • Groot gets blown up and Rocket saves a splinter of him, that was a good call back to the past as well as good fan service.
  • Thanos gets mentioned a couple of times.

THE BAD (sort of):

  • Iron Man’s new “Space Armor”. Despite Rocket Raccoon saying otherwise, it looks terrible and nothing like an Iron Man suit, maybe that’s what they were going for?
  • Star-Lord’s daddy issues play a bigger part in this new series. Not that it’s written badly, but it’s a cliche I’m not fond of.
  • It’s revealed that Star-Lord escaped his battle with Thanos in the Cancerverse, but not how he escaped. And no mention of Richard Ryder. Did Marvel just erase him from existence?
  • Star-Lord’s helmet. The original helmet was classic, it made him look other-worldly when he wore it. I want to see that not some fucking plastic face mask.

OVERALL: Great art, good writing, some fanservice & entertaining space battles. But I had some nitpicks and it asks more questions then it answers. 8/10

Age Of Ultron #3
Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Bryan Hitch
imageTHE GOOD:

  • The story moves forward. The remaining heroes in New York have a plan and actually set it in motion.
  • We get to see what the heroes have gone through during this Ultron take over. We learn what heroes and family members they’ve lost. It was a nice emotional touch. 
  • Black Panther, Task Master & Red Hulk make a cameo (albeit a brief one).
  • Good surprise at the end of this issue and gives me no choice but to pick up #4. 


  • The art. Hitch’s art isn’t terrible but it’s certainly not my favorite style. It’s got a grittiness to it that sort of works well with the story but sometimes the characters look off to me.
  • Black Panther gets killed off in his only cameo. How the fuck does the king of Wakanda not remember how to break his fall (instead of his neck) after staying alive this long? I would have liked to see more of him in this series, so I can only hope he isn’t really dead. 
  • I’m still not clear on the time line here. Spider-Man seems to be pre-Superior, it’s not obvious as to when Ultron came back and how he did what he did. I thought I’d get more of an explanation by now. 7 more to go. 

OVERALL: The story moves along, some things get answered (really one thing, sort of) but there’s still so many unanswered questions. Panther dies from a fall, unforgivable. 8/10

Uncanny Avengers #5
Story by Rick Remender
Art by John Cassaday 
imageTHE GOOD:

  • The art, it looks very crisp and the character’s expressions and movements really stand out. 
  • Wasp & Wonder Man return to The Avengers.
  • Wolverine goes to Japan to recruit Sunfire to the team.
  • Havoc steps out as the clear leader.
  • Good battle at the end that makes you want to see what happens in #6.


  • What happened to Thor? He looked fine at the end of last issue, but there’s no mention of him at all here.
  • The whole issue was all about fixing the team’s bad PR. Wasn’t that the whole point of the X-Men and Avengers merging in the first place?
  • Wonder Man is back but he’s still on his no violence pledge and he didn’t help that much with the PR campaign, so why did they need him?
  • Our main villain, Red Skull, is mentioned on a new broadcast and that’s it. Instead Grim Reaper pops his fucking head out of nowhere just to give us a cliff hanger. You know what? I take it back, I din’t like the ending.

OVERALL: Story kinda spins it’s wheels, there’s more infighting than usual, the ending was a lame set-up for the next issue. No Thor or Skull. Reaper takes down a fully superpowered Avengers/X-Men team by himself. How? 6/10

 That’s it. Let me know what you thought if you’ve read the above titles.  Also let me know what else you picked up this week and what you liked best.