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Rene Deladier, who calls herself Ecstasy, is the head of a criminal organization based in Marseille, France which distributes a newly discovered addictive drug, also known as “Ecstasy”, due to the temporary sensation it provides. While in France, the vigilante known as Cloak tracked down and confronted Madam Deladier, and attempted to use his superhuman powers to transport her into the so-called dimension of darkness as punishment for her crimes. To Cloak’s astonishment, Deladier forced him into the dimension instead. The sentience within the dimension of darkness had chose Deladier as it’s new instrument of “feeding” it with the life force of living human beings, since Deladier did not share Cloak’s moral qualms about doing so. This Deladier took on Cloak’s powers, and Cloak himself, once again an ordinary human being, was trapped within the dimension of darkness.

Sensing Cloak’s agony, the sorcerer Doctor Strange entered the dimension of darkness to rescue him. There Ecstasy attacked both Strange and Cloak. Strange projected a mystical light from the Eye of Agamotto. Seeking to absorb this light, the sentience of the dark dimension withdrew Ecstasy’s powers, causing her to collapse into unconsciousness. Strange created an inter-dimensional portal that lead back to Earth. He ordered Cloak to escape through it and take Ecstasy with him. Once they were safe, Strange himself returned to Earth closing the portal behind him, just as the light from the Eye of Agamotto was causing havoc in the dimension of darkness, which was unable to absorb the mystical radiance.

Back on Earth, Cloak regained his superhuman powers and Strange convinced him not to turn his powers on Ecstasy. Months later, Ecstasy once again took possession of Cloak’s powers after Cloak had disappeared from Earth.

First Appearance: Doctor Strange #74