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Sorry to get political on a comicbook blog but here’s some interesting history for ya.

Way back in 1967 Jack Kirby was tasked with creating a new foe for the Fantastic Four to face. Legend has it that Stan Lee gave him a four-word-plot-outline: “Have them fight God”. Weather that’s true or not, we’ll never now. But Kirby couldn’t just make a God/Villian without aslo giving him some kind of motivation.

During this time, Kirby had been reading in the papers about corporate raiders. These people would acquire a small company, drain it of it’s assets, and move on, leaving a hollow, inert shell. And that’s where the idea of Galactus, Devourer of Worlds, came from. 

One can’t but think of Mitt Romney setting up his planet eating machine on Earth and feasting upon it until there was nothing left and then he would move on to the next doomed world. Jack Kirby was definitely ahead of his time.