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'Bout to let loose
IRON MAN #132 (March 1980)

Art by Jerry Bingham (pencils), Bob Layton (inks) & George Russos (colors)
Words by David Michilinie

First off, LOVE the blog. Second, what makes Walt Simonson's work so relevant? I've seen both his Thor and F4 work praised.

Thank you, oftitansandteleplays!

I don’t know how relevant his work is today, but it’s certainly influential. Simonson was one of those writers/artists who could make a series thier own and inject a lot of life into it.

On Fantastic Four he deversified by having stories revolve around Reed & Sue but also have a stronf family dynamic which is intergral to the FF. He alos harkened back to the early Kirby/Lee days (Much like Byrne did before him) and came up with some really off the wall stories that worked.

On Thor he returned the character to his roots and there was more of an emphasis on Asgard. He put more of an emphesis that Asguardians are extra dimensional beings who were worshiped as Gods on Earth. He was responsible for the perfectly paced Surtur saga, the Throg saga and my personal favorite - The Beta Ray Bill saga.
Plus he did this

Which I have no idea how he got away with.

What good Moon Knight material have you read?

Well, dan-the-manmanman, I’ve never been much of a Moon Knight fan. Don’t everyone start telling me to pick up Ellis & Shelvey’s run. I WILL…AT SOME POINT!

But one MK series I did enjoy was Charlie Houston’s mini-series, The Bottom. That was pretty good for a more recent run.

i really love your blog for starts! I was wondering if you could suggest some good stories involving the Vision. If you can that'd be great!

Asked by osmium76

Sure, osmium76!

I really enjoyed Bill Mantlo’s Vision & Scarlet Witch mini-series from the early 80s. Plus Vision’s introduction and transformation from villain to hero in Avengers #57 & 58.

I’d also suggest checking out Kirby & Simon’s Golden Age Vision. He was sort of a precursor to DC’s Martian Manhunter. 

Jim Starlin, a Marvel legend who created ‘GOTG’s’ villain, Thanos, has insisted that James Gunn’s sci-fi adventure is the studio’s best effort to date, a conclusion that he reached after attending its premiere. Starlin took to social media [via] to declare, “Just came from the premiere of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy.’ With all the hype I expected to be a bit disappointed. It just might be Marvel’s best movie yet.”

I guess I’m gonna have to check this film out now…


I hope everyone enjoyed Batman Day as much as I did.
You all know Thanos is my favorite comic character but Batman is an important part of my childhood and he’s the reason I started reading comics in the first place. So it’s been fun going back through his 75 year history.

That’s why I’m so hard on the New 52 Batman. I know Snyder’s run has been good (although it ‘s been hit or miss for me recently) and Batman Earth One is also good, but they’re not great. My problem with New 52 is the fact that all of Batman’s continuity before 2011 is erased. That’s a shame because a lot of it was terrific. I wouldn’t complain if DC was matching what they had previously, but they aren’t and they never will.

So as long as Batman Year One is no longer canon, I’m no longer a fan of Batman as he exists now.

Happy Somber Batman Day, Everyone.
We now return to regular scheduled comic posts.


Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Main Theme
Shirley Walker
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm OST (1993)

The greatest Batman music from the greatest Batman film.


Kiss From A Rose
Batman Forever OST (1995)

If you don’t think this is one of the greatest Batman songs ever, well then…I’m gonna have to respectfully yet forcefully disagree with you.

In honor of today's holy and sacred holiday could create a quick list and name in no particular order some of your favorite Batman moments ( from comics, movies, TV, gaming, etc.)

Asked by redcell6

Moments? Okay

  • BATMAN TAS Opening Title Sequence
  • The ACE Chemical scene in Batman ‘89
  • The abandoned building scene in Batman #406
  • When Batman hangs the giant with the Bat-Plane in Batman #1
  • Batman & Clayface in the control room in Batman TAS (Feat Of Clay)
  • Batman punching out Guy Gardner in JL: A New Begining
  • Batman & Ivy’s scene in Batman Adventures: Mad Love
  • Batman & Joker’s fight in the tunnel of love in TDKR
  • Present Bruce meets Future Bruce in the JLU episode “The Once and Future Thing”
  • Batman & The Phantom vs. The Joker in MOTP
  • Every Batman, Gordon & Dent/Two-Face scene in The Long Halloween
  • Batman & Joker’s fight on the train in Mad Love
  • Batman vs. Deadshot in Detective Comics #474
  • The First and last fight in The Dark Knight 
  • Every Batman & Joker scene in The Killing Joke
  • Superman visiting Bruce Wayne in Kingdom Come
  • Batman as a kid in the JLU episode “Kid Stuff”
  • Batman & Superman vs. The Joker in Batman #429
  • The bridge scene in Batman #407
  • Batman v. Superman in TDKR
  • The final scene in Batman: TAS (Almost Got’im)
  • Batman making a bitch out of Hal Jordan in All-Star Batman & Robin
  • Batman vs. Ra’s al Ghul in Batman #244
  • Batman with Two-Face’s coin scene in Arkham Asylum: ASHOSE
  • Batman & Mister Freeze in Batman TAS (Heart Of Ice)

I mean I could go on and on but those are the ones that stick out in my mind.


T H E  D A R K  K NI G H T
Detective Comics #527 (June 1983)
Art by Dan Day (pencils), Pablo Marcos (inks) & Adrienne Roy (colors)


David Mazzucchelli’s original sketch for the Batman:Year One house Ad

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I love the new photo 👌

Asked by idave1010

Thank you. It’s not permanent. Thanos alters his costume for Batman only. 


T H E  B A T M A N
Detective Comics #527 (June 1983)
Art by Dan Day (pencils), Pablo Marcos (inks) & Adrienne Roy (colors)


Art by Frank Miller & Lynn Varley 

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